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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two different technologies that, if integrated, can make a more immersive experience than each can do alone. VR makes a simulation of the real world, while AR supplements with computer-generated input such as audio and visuals that overall enhance our interaction with technology and perception of reality.

Real Estate

Advertise your property with augmented reality technology that lets your customers view a space or building from any angle. Literally save on paper by providing a 3D layout instead of a blueprint to show all features of a property. Or, offer a virtual experience for your customers to find the perfect property easily

Interior Design and Furniture

Mix and match your furniture with your wall paper to achieve the interior look you like. With virtual reality, you can see if your blue couch goes well with your almond-colored wall or your engineered wood floor. Play around with different interior themes before you even make a purchase.


Take your customers to a whole new dimension, by allowing them to buy shoes and accessories that match their dress for a night out. AR/VR is also best for in-store promotion allowing your users to try things on ‘virtually’.


“The Future is Here”



iPhone App Development

The birth of various applications for iphones had helped only in broadening the area of our skill and the wall of fame of Apptunix comprises some of our best iPhone Apps. We have the insight, deep understanding and exclusive working potential to develop wholesome Apps for iPhone/iPad.

Our tested and tried methodologies, approach and robust knowledge is something that we consider as one of the greatest achievements. This also throws light on our attribute of developing, creating and submitting iOS apps.

We are profoundly accustomed with the guidelines and procedure that needs to be taken up for all the submissions at itunes. We work with our clients and make products as per their specifications. The inception of your idea further leads to conceptualizing it and with putting in all our strategic science. We build iOS Apps that are too good to be true.

With unparalleled experience and a strong track record in iPhone app development, our iPad app development team takes advantage of some unique iPad capabilities.The iOS is one of the most dominating and trusted operating systems among the users and our young brigade get the best out of it, to carry that trust with operating system to the next level.

The custom Mobile App can be developed to increase business productivity, for entertainment, gaming purpose or to overcome our various daily tasks. The applications developed by our developers are made fully compatible with the latest technologies.

Why should you opt for an iOS Mobile App?

  • It gives an exciting promotion to your business.
  • Connects you with the targeted audience.
  • Improves your relationship with your market.
  • It’s one of the best tools for Marketing of the Modern Era.

The tools that we utilize to deliver a perfect application

  • JSON
  • iOS Simuators
  • iOS Virtual Machine

The Type of Applications we have developed for our clients

  • Sports promoting Applications
  • Live video streaming Apps
  • Social Media Applications
  • Device synchronize Mobile applications
  • Shopping and Entertainment Applications.


Android App Development

The most quickly growing platform in today’s time is Android, which results in heavy demand for Apps which are specifically developed and designed for Android mobile phones. Our engineers and programmers are expertise in Java, XML, framework APIs, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, native development tools, Android app tools plug-ins etc. to create latest technology and stunning apps.

The Android has been proven the most versatile operating system across the globe and the reason behind this is, it is the most user friendly among its users and its non complications stands it way above the all other operating systems and due to this popularity it has become very crucial to deliver this platform to our consumers in business. We have built a number of Apps which are showcased on Google play and are liked by most of the end users. Our Apps are user friendly, simple yet innovative.

The kind of Applications that we have developed to serve Android Operating System

  • Application integrated with Map kit.
  • Applications Integrated with Health Kit
  • Social Networking Application
  • Travel and Tourism Applications
  • Multimedia and Music Applications

We offer personalized Android Application Development Services to both individual and enterprise customers keeping in mind their diverse business needs.

Today we position ourselves as the pioneers in the industry and among the most reliable android application development companies. We consume the Android SDK platform to create pioneering and dynamic applications for Android mobile devices. Using artistic design and cutting edge technologies our Android app developers deliver some of the best Android apps found on Google Play.

Cross Platform Development

Cross Platform Apps offer grander flexibility while developing mobile applications that are compatible with all major OS, Platforms, Mobile Devices and Models. These apps are based upon “Build Once, Run for ALL” conception and developed through various open source mobile apps frameworks which are free to use. We at Zelkova Design Studios offer customized Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development Services that are Cost Effective and reduce the rework efforts in developing single app for multiple devices.

There are several flexible and powerful cross-platform mobile development frameworks, such as Sencha, SproutCore, jQuery or PhoneGap that provide an HTML5 based platform for designing and developing native web apps that will look, feel and function the same way across all devices to give rich user experience.

There are number of iphone and android application development companies available, however, Zelkova Design Studios are one of the few cross platform mobile app development companies that provide services which render to take the advantage of easy to use applications with greater functionality our cross-platform mobile application development services include:

  • Creating HTML5-based solutions utilizing open source platforms and frameworks.
  • Customized design, development and deployment using the open source stack.
  • Mobile app development such as iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows.
  • Integrating various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other online communities.
  • Cross-platform open source web development.
  • Consulting and integration.

Pros of developing a Cross Platform Apps over Native Apps

  • Applications developed in Cross Platform gives a wider area of audience as they support various operating Systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
  • The development of Cross Platform application is quite affordable as they are built in one time code development.
  • The Development period for the Cross Platform application is short, means the application can be launched in a quicker way.
  • The apps developed in Cross Platform supports various functionalities like geo locations, Compass,
  • Accelerometer, Contacts, Camera etc.

Website Design and Development

Website Designing is a process that includes planning, creation and implementation of a website’s look and feel. The common components of a site are Layout, Colours, Fonts, Logo, Feel, Imagery, Informational Architecture, User Interface, Site Structure, Navigation, and more. These aspects of Web Designing are collectively applied by our experts to create a new, refreshing website that meets the goals of the website owner.

AR_Screen_liveBand/Artist Site

A band or artist fan site is a complex yet exciting deliverable. Ensuring the personality and brand of the artist is critical in the way the website looks, functions and interacts with the visitor.

With the ability to stream and sell music, live social media interface, sell tickets to shows, make band merchandise available in sleek and safe stores, through to easy to update and self manage back end CMS

“Our team understands the actual target audience for each type of product, service or industry, and they specifically design a website that is most appealing to the customers who visit the site.”

Tyson-Homepage1Real Estate Sites

Site structure basically means how the site will be built in terms of features and functionality. How links and images will be placed on specific pages and the content for that particular page. Site Structure can be designed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or many more technologies for developing a website. Our team of expert designers are familiar with every aspect and key factors of Web Designing.

Having worked alongside Real Estate professionals for years, our team are very familiar with the challenging and business critical elements required to keep ahead of the competition, as well as how to keep the buyers engaged.

Our clients include international brands, through to high end boutique agencies.


Intelligent Zend Framework

We can built sites that allow your visitors to create products ‘live’ within the website, and then put them for sale.

Interactive user experience is key in keeping ahead of the market trends, whilst also allowing you to drive a highly profitable business, with little to no interaction from your end.

App Interface Platforms

Our team work alongside our App Development team, allowing them to intimately understand the complexities in launching, marketing and running a successful App campaign.

Unlike many other App development companies, Zelkova Design Studios have both the App Development and Website Development team in the one business, allowing us to plug both capabilities into the one project.

For any App project to be successful, it requires a web based interface platform.

Having built many leading Apps, as well as the web platforms to accompany them, our team are the ‘must have’ in any new App Development project.


Unity 3D Game Development

What is UNITY?

Unity is a flexible and potent development platform for building2D and 3D games and shared experiences. It is used to build video games for PCs, Mobile devices and websites respectively. It’s a complete ecology for the one who has ambition to build a business on crafting high-end content and attaching to their most reliable and enthusiastic troupes and clients.

For the purpose of catering the development of 2D Games, 3D Games and 3D Animations and also for the reasons to take up forms of interactive content, Unity3d is the creating tool. We are among the top class Unity 3D Game Development Company in Australia.

This unique tool rigorously adheres to the thumb rule of developing once and implying anywhere which is also a great assistance for solving the compatibility problem of cross platform. The results are supreme as this very authoring and rendering tool is responsible for offering so much without letting go on quality.

These games are not the same as they were a few years back. There is now a whole new world of games and a lot of young fellows are keen to be a part of this world. Our team of game developers keep themselves regularly updated to know the latest trends and keep a step ahead of competitors.

We develop amazing games for those who desire to indulge their valuable time and to relax after a hard day of work. Our focus is to deliver the games that everyone enjoys whether it is a teenage or an adult.

Why developers prefer Unity 3D as a cross platform over native?

The reasons behind is the reduced efforts resulting in increased productivity. On the other hand while engineering Native apps for multiple platform, the develops need to put lots of efforts in building, testing, doing Q.A. and also different UI are required for multiple platforms which is quite a cumbersome and time consuming task.


Cocos 2D/2DX Development

With mounting support platform and with several options of choosing programming languages which shares the same API structure – Cocos2d-X is a game engine framework based on Cocos2d-iPhone.

Letting developers utilize their hand on C++, Lua and Javascript for cross-platform operations for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Windows Desktop and Linux, Cocos2d-x is very quick, reliable, robust is very cost effective.

As a leading iPhone and Android application development company in Australia using Cocos 2D/3DX Development with its powerful features and simple to use outputs. A facet rich code stems from an out of the box thinking. It is not as easy as it may sound but we encourage and practice this at all point of development to fortify our game development forte which is Cocos 2D/2DX.

In the present day, we are known as a faithful conventional mobile game development service provider because we have effectively furnished the value added service requirements by using the recent technologies.

Advantages For Cocos Development
• Cocos Supports a wide range of Platforms specially the Mobile Devices.
• Cocos have a broader variety of available open source codes, tools and extensions.
• IT delivers good graphics and performance.
• Most of the versions of Cocos also support audio.
• Cocos have huge peer support community so it makes your development popular among the users.

Corona Development

What makes Corona the most preferred development Kit?Allowing developers to put together graphically amazing applications that are also light in terms of their size and fast in development time, making corona the most preferred software development kit.Our loaded cross-platform mobile app development knowledge provides bendable business model, and perfect processes can render to improved quality, quicker time and are cost effective i.e. contented clientele and bigger profits for your business.Multiplayer game development with Zelkova Design Studios, gives you an opportunity to personalize your game at different stages.The most unnoticeable features that corona application possesses are:

  • Integration support
  • Good Community Support
  • “flagship” apps in the top ten lists

Advantages of Using Corona Development SDK

  • It provides a compilation feature for both iOS and Android.
  • Based on Single Code
  • Delivers the huge range of Designing options
  • Easy To Monetize
  • Easy Integration of Gaming API’s
  • Faster Frame per Second that allows several screens frames to change easily.
  • Measures graphics vividly


3D Game Development

3D Modeling creativeness in the area of game creation is infinite.

The amusement of breaching margins and building characters further than graphics is what encourages the 3D Modeler and 3D Artists at Zelkova Design Studios.

3D Modeling has plainly revolutionized the gaming world by making the virtual world appear more realistic and better than the original. With the precise merger of proficiency and vision, our team sketches all the scope of the model that can craft the most impressive 3D Models.

Industries we have served with 3D Modeling

Real Estate Industry
Medical and Health Industry
Game Development

We are capable to produce mobile game apps that have need of only one time downloading and can be utilized for infinite period of time with no trouble of modifications. For promoting the time and again engagement of your audiences for a long time and for endorsing your services, these apps are the best way.

Services we deliver in 3D modeling:

Customized 3D model development
3D Sectional views
3D Assembly Modeling
3D Rendering
Converting Hand drawn sketch to 3D characters.


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