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Sell More ‘Empty’ Properties – the easy way

4_2942183837_20160809020435_800x600The Real Estate industry is incredibly competitive, and also, can be incredibly costly in both monetary terms as well as time – this is why we have spent a great deal of time, creating risk free, affordable, yet high quality services to help Real Estate Agents sell their stock.

Among the services we offer to our clients, the products we have created just for the real estate and property development industry, are the stunning photo manipulations, as well as 3D rendering services.

Now our clients are able to furnish empty properties with stunning furnishings and accessories, by using our team of ‘interior designers’, who then, using their extensive training in photo manipulations, dress each room in the way we know will get you real buyers through the door.

These images are delivered in beautiful high resolution, so they can go onto websites, print boards and brochures.

Many of our clients have found that outsourcing these services to Zelkova Consulting, instead of trying to do it themselves, saves them a great deal of time and effort, not to mention, it actually works out more affordable.

Our team are not just back room photoshop users placing random furniture in empty spaces, but they are first of all, interior designers, and secondly, photo manipulation experts.

afterOne of the most attractive options our clients find, is our ability to respond to ‘urgent’ turnaround requests. We understand the pressures applied to sales agents, and therefore the need to respond to short notice marketing and or seller requests. This is why we have organised our team to respond to short notice requests the best we can, while not compromising our quality, which is something we pride ourselves on.

Please get in touch today, and chat with out friendly team to see how we can help your agency move forward with a range of stunning, high quality design and marketing services.




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