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up844Virtual Room Staging

As a Real Estate professional, you will know it is tough to sell an empty property.

Room staging is costly and out of reach of most sellers, which is why we created our Virtual Room Staging services.

Available in packs or one off projects, we work alongside some of the leading real estate brands, to help them produce stunning sales images and brochures for ’empty’ properties.

many of our clients having used us for the first time, came back immediately once they found how effective this service was for their business and their clients.

Tyson-Homepage1Real Estate Website Design and Development

With a deep understanding of the real Estate profession, as well as market leading website designers and developers, we are the obvious choice for building real estate sales sites.

Having build for franchise agents, through to property development companies, Zelkova Design Studios can create what many of our competitors struggle to understand and translate into a defining product.








Brochure 2Marketing Brochures

We have proven to be cost effective, yet market leading in our sales brochure production.

We can create very quickly, beautiful brochures for any property type.

Many of our clients have booked team members out for indefinite periods, making them a virtual team member. This is available to any of our clients, along with one off projects.

3D room360 Room Tours for Exiting and New Developments

Buyers make most of their viewing decisions online, which is why delivering as much viewing opportunities possible is critical in securing the next sale.

Whether the property is existing or under construction, our team can create fantastic interactive viewing videos ready to be placed on your website.