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The global trend in buying Children’s books is on a massive growth, the first boom ever recorded

In 2015, children books sales were up 12.6% in the US, 28% in Brazil and 10% in China, with 11 of the top selling books in US being Children’s books. In Australia and NZ, the average was 34%, according to the Nielsen Summit held in NYC in September last year.

Kids age group of 5-8 are the most key to market share, which accounts for 39% of the dollars spent on Children’s books.

What makes for a top selling children’s book?

Well the first and foremost attraction pint will always be the story line – if a story is compelling and strikes a chord, then a child will want to read or be read that story over and over again. However, with the focus age group (5-8) these books do not sell on story alone, meaning the books need its characters and stories to be brought to life in images.

Children will quite literally ‘judge a book by its cover’ if they cannot associate or earn immediate recognition in the cover of a story book, then chances are, they may not choose the book, regardless of the story contained within its pages.

This is why the cover design, and internal associated illustrations are done very carefully, and in close consultancy with the author. Many artists can make their own interpretation of a character, but not unlike a movie director translating a story to film, the involvement of the author is key, to insure the personality, behaviours and other leading points are not lost in translation.

ollieAll this said however, let’s not lose focus upon what sort of illustration is important – two of the world bestselling Children’s books of all time, have what could be argued to be ‘basic’ illustrations. Namely, Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar, which were drawn by Eric himself, and Zachary Gordon’s, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which was illustrated by Jeff Kinney

This merely highlights the fact that the story itself is what sells, and the physical appearance second (if you have written a global top selling book).

One of our CEO’s personal favorite stories to read with his children, is Ed and Ted and Ted’s Dog Fred, written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. Here both the images and the cheeky story go perfectly together.

Have you written or about to write a children’s book?

We hope the answer here is yes, because the mere fact alone of creating something for the enjoyment, education and development of a child is a wonderful thing, and to perhaps know you can leave a positive lasting memory in the minds of so many is a thing to be proud of. This is why our book and illustration design team do what they do, ‘because they simply love it!’ – they know they help bring characters and peoples imagination to life, and that is something special.

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