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Due to increased competition and rapid market changes, organisations have become aware of the strategic nature of employees and the knowledge and experience they hold.

Now, more than ever, the capability of an organisation can be it’s key strength in delivering its product or service.

Good practice in Organisational Capability is:

  • Mature processes and systems for meeting customer needs.
  • The understanding, creation and implementation of organisation specific competencies.
  • Employee skills, efforts and commitment are aligned and directed toward achieving organisational goals and strategies.
  • Effective use of the collective knowledge of the organisation.


  • A shared mindset by all members of the organisation – common expectations, behaviours and goals
  • Good management practice – managers are effective in their roles, with a focus on the effective management of people, systems, processes, technology and knowledge
  • Capacity for change – understanding the need for flexibility in a constantly changing world where customers are paramount to the success of your business
  • Leadership at all levels – how we lead ourselves and how we impact those around us.

Leadership Development

It is no secret that most business owners, even those with decades of experience and fairly sizeable organisations, still need to focus upon developing themselves, and improving on particular skills required to continue running a company.

This is something we find we are invited to help with on a regular basis, due to our excellent track record of providing a productive and non threatening environment for our clients to work with us within.

We have even run programs for entire management and leadership teams, allowing them to work together on target initiatives, as well as one-on-one for other more personalised activities. These programs are all about getting results, aligning goals, modelling behaviours and empowering a business to function within its market.

Someone to Bounce Ideas Off

Our most popular service offering within Business Consulting, is working one-on-ones with business owners, looking to have someone removed from their business, but with extensive experience to work as a Mentor, Coach or just Someone to Bounce Ideas Off.

Our Principles and Directors have spent decades in big business, as well as having run very successful smaller business of their own, so we are each perfectly positioned to provide that much needed support when and where its needed. Available in person or over Skype, we can work with you or your team over a set period in time, allowing for maximum benefit of each participant.


I’ve been running my machine shop now for twenty odd years, and know it inside out. What I was struggling with, was knowing how to push the business into the internet space, as well as how to get my younger folk to participate in the business better. Working with the guys at Zelkova Consulting was a blessing in disguise. It wasn’t patronising, and I was able to get to the bits that mattered to me each time we spoke


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