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Zelkova Consulting can create your Personal Brand. We will step through a number of activities to help you draw out and focus upon your Value Propositions. We can also facilitate 360 feedback surveys, where you can receive feedback from peers, clients and family members to get a real insight into how you are currently perceived, and use that data to draw out key areas you wish to build and grow.

Building your Brand is one thing, and without a doubt a key in making sure you are on the right path, however, if you are to succeed, then you need the Secret Brand Recipe and that’s where Zelkova Consulting come in.

You will be assigned a Personal Project Manager (PPM) to draw out the key elements of your Personal Brand. Our talented Brand Designers will then build your Personal Brand.

Knowing how to behave, interact and communicate online or in person is only one piece of a successful Personal Brand. What compliments this are; Consistent, Clear and Constant  visual brand images, colours and presentations to accompany the you side, therefore a very important factor of standing out among your peers.

card_v3Business Card and Logo Creation

It takes seven (7) seconds to make a first impression. This is why, having a stunningly beautiful Business card is critical in how you consciously present yourself for the first time.

Our designers have a wonderful ability to make each of their business card designs, exactly, and if not better than our clients requests.

brshotNew Brand Design and Launch

Our team during your project, become the heart of your brand. Creating a brand from scratch means every potential scenario needs to be understood, considered and planned for. On your Brand Creation Journey, our team will take you through tasks such as:

  • Brand and identity planning
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Innovation workshops
  • Communications planning
  • Search engine marketing strategies (SEO & SEM)
  • User behaviour research
  • Focus groups and surveys
  • Customer journey development
  • Competitive audit
  • Content strategy